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What is insurance? - Growella Explains
Growella Explains

What Is Insurance? : An Introduction For First-Timers

Insurance is a thing that pays cash when you get sick or hurt, or have an accident. It doesn’t stop bad things from happening to you, but it makes sure you bounce back financially any time they do.


Episode Transcript

I’m a safe person. I wear my seat belt, I make good choices, and keep myself clear out of danger.

But I’m also smart enough to know that there are things in life I can’t control. Like storms, that can damage my home. Or other drivers, who might be texting from behind the wheel.

And, that’s why I buy insurance.

Insurance is a thing that pays money when accidents and unexpected things happen.

If I get sick, insurance helps pays for my doctors. If my car gets hit, insurance helps pays for my repairs. If my house gets robbed, insurance helps pays for my losses.

Because of insurance, I know that an accident won’t put me into bankruptcy or cause me to lose my home. It’s my safety net for things that might go wrong.

And, if there’s one thing we know about life, it’s that things can go wrong.

It’s why I pay for life insurance.

Sure, today I’m all good but, there are people in my life who depend on me and my job and the money I make.

If I suddenly died, insurance would pay a huge cash payment to the people I care about, to help them live and survive.

That’s important to me.

You can get insurance on just about anything and it’s almost always money well spent because while insurance won’t stop bad things from happening, but it will sure help you bounce back anytime they do.