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Coolest Jobs In America - Broadway Stage Manager - Amber White
Coolest Jobs in America

“I’m A Stage Manager On Broadway”

Amber White is a Stage Manager on Broadway. Join us as she takes us through life on the set of “Hamilton: An American Musical”; and how she made earned her backstage role with the show that’s earned a record-number Tony Award nominations.

Amber White: Broadway Stage Manager

This is the story of Amber White and her work as a Stage Manager on Broadway.

She’s served as Stage Manager for multiple Tony-winning shows including:

Currently, Amber is the Stage Manager for “Hamilton: An American Musical” at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway in New York.

“Working on a high-profile production like Hamilton is similar to working on a low-profile production,” she says, “once you’re within these four walls.” Her job is to┬ábe “the glue that holds everything together.”

This isn’t the career path Amber thought that she’d follow originally.

“When I first started [college], I thought that I would be an accountant,” she says. “I was doing theater as a hobby, then found out I could do this as a job and get paid for it.”

Amber started with small shows on campus. She was the only stage manager on crew. She set the props. Ran the lights. Managed the sound board.

In short, she did it all. And running the crew helped Amber to understand the hard work that goes in to making a successful theater production.

Learn more from Amber White, who has one of the coolest jobs in America.

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Episode transcript

My name is Amber White. I am the Production Stage Manager of Hamilton on Broadway.

The great thing about theater and arts, in general, is it’s Universal and its worldwide.

Working on a high-profile production like Hamilton is very similar to working on a low-profile production once you’re within these four walls.

But, once you’re outside the building, you hear all of the hype of the theater and you know that everybody around you knows what the show is.

As the Stage Manager of Hamilton, I am the glue that holds everything together.

I talk to the creatives and management and all of the actors and make sure that we are ready to do the show each night.

We work when all of the normal nine-to-fivers are off work. We rehearse during the days, but a lot of our work happens in the evenings, so it’s a long grueling schedule, but it’s worthwhile.

When I first started school, I thought that I would be an accountant. And I was doing theatre as a hobby and found out quite quickly that I could actually do this as a job and get paid for it.

So I started working outside of the university on small small shows. Those shows,I would be the only Stage Manager there.

I would set all of the props. I would set all the costumes. I would run the light board and the sound board and make sure everything was done.

But I was really the only non-actor.

With that, came more and more opportunity to do bigger shows. I would start to work with bigger crews. I would start to work with bigger teams in stage management and that all brought me to New York.

Then I started touring with theatrical productions.

The best advice I could give to somebody who wanted to be part of theater behind the scenes, or not as an actor at all, is to try different things because you don’t really know what’s out there until you’re doing it and that actually really gave me a great insight into theater; was trying lots of new things.