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Coolest Jobs in America

You can be anything you want in life. Get to know the people with some of the coolest jobs we know.

Monika Casey - Standup Comedian - Los Angeles - Growella“I’m A Stand-Up Comedian”

Monika Casey is a stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles, California. Hear how Monika got into stand-up, what she thinks a stand-up’s most important quality is, and how she tests her new bits.

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“I’m A Podcast Host”

Steph Simbari is a podcast host based in Los Angeles, California. Hear how Steph found her niche, why she recorded 11 episodes before releasing her first one, and how she and her co-host Elizabeth keep themselves aligned.

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Julie Morris - Cookbook Author - Coolest Jobs in America - Growella“I’m A Superfoods Cookbook Author”

Julie Morris is a Superfoods Cookbook Author in Los Angeles, California. Hear what made Julie move toward superfoods in the kitchen, how she wrote her first cookbook, and why it’s important to find your authentic voice.

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Lesley Wolff - Casting Director - Coolest Jobs In America - Los Angeles - Growella“I’m A Casting Director”

Lesley Wolff is a Casting Director in Los Angeles, California. Hear how she earned her way into LA’s 100 People To Watch, what she thinks about when she’s watching a movie, and why she’s been called “The Comedy Fluffer.”

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Coolest Jobs In America - Broadway Stage Manager - Amber White“I’m A Stage Manager On Broadway”

Amber White is a Stage Manager on Broadway. Watch as she takes us through life on the set of “Hamilton: An American Musical”; and hear how she made earned her backstage role with the show that’s earned a record-number Tony Award nominations.

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Carlos Alazraqui - Disney Voiceover Artist“I’m A Cartoon Voiceover Actor”

Meet Carlos Alazraqui, a cartoon Voiceover Actor in Hollywood with over 300 credits to his name. Carlos is known for his roles with Disney and Nickelodeon, and for his work as the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Carlos shares his story, how he got into voice acting, and what it’s like to be a working actor in Los Angeles.

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Tom Burgoyne - MLB Mascot - Phillie Phanatic“I Play The Phillie Phanatic For Major League Baseball”

Meet Tom Burgoyne, the person who brings MLB’s Phillie Phanatic to life. Tom talked with us about getting started in the business of being a mascot, about following your passions, about and the fun that comes from being the most recognizable professional sports mascot in the world.

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Asa Foster - Craft Beermaker in Braddock, PA“I’m A Craft Beermaker”

We interviewed Asa Foster, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Brew Gentlemen in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Asa shares his story, and talks about the business running a craft brewery.

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