First Things: A Show About Adulting

A web show about adulting and growing up. Real people share real stories about the first things they do, and they first things they’ve done. 12 episodes total.


A New Series About Adultificationing
When You First Realized You Were An Adult
If You Had 1 Million Dollars 10 Years Ago
When You Wake Up On Your Birthday
When You Check Into Your Hotel
What Was Your First Email Address
When You Had Your First Job
When You First Moved In
When You Get Home From Work
How You Made Your Place Feel Like Home
When You Wake Up
How You Spent Your First Paycheck

Thank you to everyone who’s sharing with us. Your answers are funny, truthful, and helpful. You provide great insight into what it means to be an adult (and what it meant to be a kid!).

First Things: The Cast List

Adrienne LuedekingAmber Berry Andy Hill
Ashley Chorpenning Athena LentBobby Lee
Cassie and Alex Michael Chris Browning Chris Durheim
Eva Baker Jamila Souffrant Jason Butler
Jennifer Jackson Justin Taylor Katherine Pomerantz
Liz Eischen Makenzi WoodMiranda Marquit
Sean MerronShaniqua Harrell Steve Adcock