Growella Press Resources

Assets and information for Growella users and the media. For media inquiries, contact [email protected].


Growella makes it own media. Our team includes photographers, videographers, and illustrators. We do not use stock photography.

You may use the images on this website when writing about Growella, with the following guidelines:

Our videos are publicly available on YouTube. Videos may be embedded on any site, with the following guidelines:

If your use case is not described above, please email us at [email protected] We’re happy to help you with your needs.

Brand Guidelines

Growella provides logo and branding identity information to help you promote your use of our products, and to represent Growella in news articles and blog posts.

The Growella Mark

You may use one of the two Growella logo orientations — horizontal or vertical.

The logo may be placed on a blue background hex #5992BF or on photography in white hex #F5F7F7; or, on a white background with the “G” as hex #5992BF and “Growella” as hex #525965.

On blue or photography On white
Variations on the Growella logo in white, on a blue background Variations on the full-color Growella logo
Download Growella brand assets

The minimum print size for the Growella logo is 0.75″.

The Growella Icon

You may not use the Growella icon.
This icon is reserved for Growella’s use only.

Growella Color Palette

Growella has both primary and secondary color palettes:

Primary colors
Blue Gray White
#5992BF #525965 #F5F7F7
Secondary colors
Green Sky blue Yellow
#3AAD7D #BDDBE8  #F5D367


Growella is spelled as one word. The “G” is capitalized. All other letters are lowercase.