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At Work

Your job does not define you, but it open doors for you in life. Make the most of the time you spend on the job, and build a life of which you’re proud. Growella can help you do more.

Hoe to behave during a job interviewAt WorkGet That Job: 5 Job Interview Codes of Conduct

When you interview for a job, you want the interviewer to focus on your conversation and little else. It’s your job to limit distractions and keep the interview on track. How you behave during your interview will affect your success in getting the job.

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Getting ready for a job interview - GrowellaAt WorkGet That Job: 6 Great Ways To Start A Job Interview

When you arrive for your interview, you only get one chance to make a first impression on your interviewer. That first impression matters. In a split-second, your interviewer make a snap judgment on you. This will either help you get the job you want, or keep you from getting an offer.

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Deltal technician trade school - Vignette - GrowellaAt SchoolChoosing Trade School Over A 4-Year College

Trade School is an educational institution that teaches skills for a specific job. Trade School is sometimes known as Vocational School, and Technical College. Trade School graduates are highly-specialized and can often earn high levels of income because of their specialization.

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