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At Home

Buying a home, choosing a mortgage, and running a good household. These are just three of the topics we cover in these parts. Make yourself at home and pull up a chair. We’re glad you’re here.

How to rent an apartment or a home - GrowellaAt HomeHow To Rent Your First Apartment Or Home

This is what you need to know about finding and renting your first apartment, including how to find a good apartment, what a proper lease should look like, and all the ways you can keep yourself in the good favor of your landlord.

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New Home Buyer Enters House - GrowellaAt Home7 Tips for New Homeowners

The fun of being a homeowner begins on Move-In Day. You can decorate your home; make choices about design; and, put your personal stamp on every room you have. You also inherit responsibilities. Here's what you can expect.

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Buying a home with little- or no-money down - GrowellaAt HomeWhat Price House Can I Afford?

Figure out your true budget for a mortgage, which is often more complex than simply plugging your salary into a calculator. Discover rules of thumb & commonly used methods (like the Maximum Price Formula) to calculate how expensive of a house you can really afford.

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