How We Make Money

Respect for our readers, honest communication, and, above all, empathy. That’s the way we do business. That’s the Growella way.

Open And Honest, No Ads

Growella is a publishing company and we place a high value on openness and honesty. You’ll notice that the website is heavy on content, and low on advertisements. This is on purpose.

We want your Growella experience to be enjoyable and uncluttered.

Too often on the internet, ads get in the way, ruining the customer experience. Nobody wants to be constantly closing windows and clicking out of video pre-rolls.

The Growella experience is different. When you read a story or watch a show, you won’t be bothered by annoying pop-ups or randomly-appearing ads. You’ll be left alone to browse and watch and share in whatever way you want.

No Click-Bait, No Gimmicks

But just because we don’t run ads, that doesn’t mean we don’t make money. We do. We just do it differently from other publishers.

Growella produces articles and video that help you get from where you are in life, to where you want to be. Those stories often host links to other websites or to specific products that we believe can help you.

When you click those links or sign up for those services, we earn a referral fee sometimes. Not always, but usually.

Earning money through referral fees as compared to display advertisements lets us focus on energy on providing true value to the readers of Growella.

It’s why Growella won’t print click-bait headlines or sensationalized news. The number of eyeballs we attract to the site is irrelevant. That’s not what pays us. We want you to love us for our amazing content.

Earning Your Trust Every Day

When we’re doing our job well, you will want to go deeper about the topic at-hand. You’ll want to engage and learn more. You’ll want to take the next step. It’s why we prefer to earn money from referrals to other sites and products — it’s a signal that we’re meeting your expectations and delivering true value.

It also means that we’ve earned your trust, for which we’re grateful. And, we promise to honor that trust.

There’s a motto we use around the office — it’s “Readers Over Revenue”. It means that we will remain unbiased with our content, and that we’ll be fair and accurate in what we print. We will never sacrifice our high-quality content just to get a click and we will always put our readers first.

You can expect more from us. It’s a core value for the company.

You Are Appreciated Here

Thank you for visiting Growella and taking time to read this page. It’s important to us that you know how we make money because it helps you to understand more about how we work and how we think.

We appreciate your trust and will do our best to exceed your expectations online and offline.


Your friends at Growella


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