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Growella Games

Growella Games is an multi-week money challenge. Win cash forĀ hitting your goals. Our players pay down credit cards, put cash into savings, eliminate student loans, and whatever else it takes to earn a matching cash prize.

Current Player

Shannon Ullman - Growella Games

Shannon Ullman

Shannon’s challenge is to research and select a long-term, investment into which she will put $500 over a 10-week period without reducing the money she puts toward existing debts, including student loans. When Shannon successfully completes her challenge, Growella will send her $500 to add to her selected long-term investment.

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About Growella Games

Growella Games is a money challenge game.

When players reach their goal, Growella pays cash, matching dollar-for-dollar. Register to play

Players are given money-related challenges and several weeks to reach their goal. Challenges are based on the current needs of the player and assigned by Growella.

Growella Games players may be challenged to:

  • Pay down student loan debt
  • Save money into an emergency fund
  • Reduce credit card debt on high interest rate cards
  • Save money for a downpayment on a home
  • Take payroll deductions for 401(k) contributions

Other challenges are available, too. For example, maybe you’re trying to save into a Roth IRA; or you’re saving to buy a car.

When players reach their goal, Growella pays cash, matching dollar-for-dollar. Register to play

How To Play Growella Games

It’s easy to play Growella Games.

First, register to play. Games are free and anyone can do it.

Then, about a week before the next game begins, you’ll get an email from us to complete your player questionnaire. Answer a few questions about your goals for your money and that’s it. We’ll handle the rest.

What You Win

Games last several weeks. Meet your challenge successfully and you win! Your prize is cash from Growella, equal to the amount of your money goal.

If your goal was to reduce student loan balances by $500, and you did it, Growella will send you a $500 cash prize. It’s a dollar-for-dollar match.

Growella Games is continuous and new games start all the time.

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